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The live chat widget

Live chat is an essential support option for any ecommerce website. With Live Site Help, you can add it to your web site in a matter of minutes. Read below for more details and to take the features tour:

Introducing Live Site Help

Live Site Help adds a convenient chat option to your web pages, enabling visitors to chat with you or another support operator without leaving your web site.

Using the operator's application, you can receive notifications when users request to chat, and talk to multiple users at any one time.

You can send messages, URLs and documents to provide instant support to your users.

Easy Installation

Adding Live Site Help to your web site can take a matter of minutes and installation support is available when you need it. Simply sign up and take the following steps:


1. Add HTML Snippet

Add a short snippet of HTML code to the web pages that you want the chat option to appear on.


2. Install the App

Download and install the Windows® or Mac operator's application on your computer, or use the web app, which can be opened in any modern web browser without installation.

Ready to Chat

3. And you're ready to chat!

Chat requests will appear in the operator's application and you will be able to chat to visitors.

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