Customizing and Co-Branding

Widget Editor

With Live Site Help, it's easy to customize your live chat widget to match the look and feel of your overall web site

Change text elements of the widget and modify colors to suit your web site's color scheme. Activate or de-activate additional features such as co-browsing and the chat encouragement pop-up.

When you make changes using the widget editor, preview changes in the Live Preview pane.

Customization Options


Create multiple widgets each with different colors, text elements and functionality. Great for multiple web sites or for adjusting the chat for different areas of one site.

Form Options

Gain a better understanding of your visitors' need before they start chatting. Add an optional form before a user commences chatting to request name and email address fields. Create additional custom fields to suit your site's requirements.

Customized Messages

Edit text elements of the live chat widget including the window name, introductory message and form button text.


Co-brand the widget's colors to match your company's brand.

Analytics Integration

Activate analytics integration to track chat activity via your Analytics account.

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