Frequently Asked Questions

Please find a list of frequently asked questions regarding Live Site Help below:

  • How many web sites can I use Live Site Help on?

    You can add Live Site Help to multiple web sites. Add a new web site in the admin area and then create and add a chat widget to each web site.

  • What is a support operator?

    A support operator is an account of a person who can chat to your customers using Live Site Help. If you have multiple support staff, you can add support operators to your account. They will then be able to accept chat requests and talk to visitors using the operator's application.

  • What account support is available?

    As an account holder, you can take advantage of our customer support via email and telephone. We can help guide you through the process of installing Live Site Help on your web site and using application to talk to your visitors.

  • What is the Web Application?

    The web application, or "web app" is an application for support operators that can be opened and used in any modern web browser. Simply login to the application and you will be able to chat to your web site visitors. We also offer a native Windows® application which provides additional notifications when a user requests live chat.

  • Can I change my plan?

    Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time by contacting us here.

  • Is there a minimum contract?

    No. You are not obliged to keep using Live Site Help for any minimum contract period. If you wish to cancel your account, simply contact us and you will not be charged in the future.

Additional Sign Up Questions?

Contact an account advisor with any sign up questions you may have via our contact form.

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